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Hi, I am Ingie from TW. Welcome to my Academy. :)

Tarot and Numerology

How Numerology operates in your Tarot Reading 1: Sun. Success. Winning. Becoming number 1. 2. Moon. Emotions. Relationships. Love. 3. Jupiter. Progress. Luck. Communication. Intelligence. 4. Uranus. Lessons learned. Teacher. Security. Commitment. Family. 5. Mercury. Life in the fast lane. Travel. Freedom. Discipline. 6. Venus. Love. Domestic Harmony. Beauty. Parenting. 7. Neptune. [...]

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Tarot Combinations from Daily Readings Week 17-20

Learn Card Combinations from daily tarot readings on my Youtube Channel The Fool with Queen of Wands Crossing. This card combination can indicate that the seeker is using a lot of energy and they could be dealing with sudden fatigue and tiredness, but they might not 'know' how to slow down. There is so much [...]

Who is my Divine Eternal Soulmate Pick a Card Reading

Who is my Divine Eternal Soulmate Pick a Card Think of a number from 1-9. 1 begins at 3:26 2 begins at 6:44 3 begins at 10:54 4 begins at 14:33 5 begins at 17:33 6 begins at 20:59 7 begins at 24:55 8 begins at 28:37 9 begins at 31:44 Connect [...]

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