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Hi, I am Ingie from TW. Welcome to my Academy. :)

Tarot Symbolism ~ Major Arcana Secret Connections

Secret Symbolic Connections in the Major Arcana Tarot Cards One Tarot publication, published in the first decade of the twentieth century, has become the model in which other tarot decks follow, Rider-WaiteRider Waite Tarot or Waite-Smith Tarot. Arthur Edward Waite was the author and Pamela Smith was the illustrator. Both of them were members of [...]

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Tarot Court Card Master Class.

How to interpret the Tarot Court Cards. Do they mean situations, people, or personality? They are all three. People create situations due to their personalities. The court cards speak of the energy of the person. The Pages. Pages speak of your personality, gifts, and talents. The pages can tell you where your soul [...]

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Tarot Aces MasterClass

How to Answer Specific Questions with the Aces Alone Yes, you can answer questions using the 4 Aces alone. This is how you do it. Pick out the 4 aces. Shuffle them. Fan them out. With your non-dominate hand (which is left if you are right-handed), pick 2 cards. Turn them over. There [...]

About Ingie

A little bit about me. I run Tarotwikipedia and Tarotwikipediaacademy. I am also an art therapist and I run 3 other craft blogs in my free time:,, and Wow, that's a lot of crochet!!!!!! HAHA.... I am not a complete craft nut though, but I do find it a fun and creative [...]

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