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Below is the playlist to learn the full Arrows technique.

The Arrows technique is a technique where you will learn how to read any card combinations by understanding the Tarot Groups. Below is the playlist to understand everything you need to know to successfully be able to implement the Arrows technique.

Intro to the Arrows Technique

How to Change limiting beliefs with the help of Tarot

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The best way you can create meaningful change is to reprogram limiting beliefs in your subconscious. There are two ways to do this. The second method is my favourite, and I explain how to do this in the next audio class.

Method 1. Affirmations. Do affirmations 15 minutes a day. Be aware. Avoid the word Not (ie, shouldn’t, don’t, haven’t etc) as this word confuses the subconscious. Use instead free from, ie, I have love free from rejection. You can also affirm positive feelings such as love, joy, happiness etc. You can also affirm what it is like to have something you like more of in your life, ie. I know what it feels like to be wealthy etc. Only affirm beneficial programs and positive feelings.

Method 2. Connect to the Creator and ask Creator to insert positive feelings and beneficial programs into your subconscious. Let Creator show you the way towards what you want and away from what you want to be free from. Be a Co-Creator with the Creator.

Connect to The Creator of all before a tarot reading

How to get Started with Tarot

Tarot And Numerology

To understand THE ARROWS TAROT TECHNIQUE, you must first understand how Numerology plays a part in Tarot. The numbers create groups that from certain Arrows with other Tarot groups. Understanding how the numbers interact with the other tarot groups will decipher tarot combinations.

Click here to go to Tarot and Numerology Unit

Tarot and the Elements

The elements (fire, water, earth, and air) create groups similar to what Numerology in tarot does, and the Elements, Numerology, Major & Minor, plus the Court Cards interact in very specific ways. Arrows of energy between the tarot groups will decipher all tarot combinations.

Understanding Tarot and The Elements will also help you do yes/no readings, and soon/late timing readings. Tarot and the Elements are also called Elemental dignities.

Click here to go to Elemental Dignities Unit. 

Tarot Distribution

To read any tarot card combination you must first understand tarot distribution between all the different groups. Tarot Distribution is the heart of the Arrows technique.

Click here to go to Tarot Distribution Unit. 

The Arrows Technique Explained

The trick to reading tarot card combinations is to first see what tarot group is showing up the most, and then see what tarot group is lacking the most. The tarot groups connect with other tarot groups and this aligns into arrows.

Click here to See the Arrows Technique Explained.

How Major Arcana Cards Communicate

When the Major Arcana tarot cards show up in your reading, they often speak of when your Spiritual team (your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors) ‘takes’ over to give you a break so that you can look within more. It is also time for you to be moved to places and into situations where you can make the most positive impact in the world. When this occurs, you might feel like things are out of your control.

Click here to See How Major Arcana Cards Communicate.

How Court Cards Communicate

Court cards speak of the people in our lives. More than that, they speak of people in our lives we care about. When you are around a lot of people you feel little to no connection with, the court cards will disappear out of your layouts. When you are around people you love and you feel a strong connection with, the court cards will appear in full in your tarot readings.

Click here to See How Court Cards Communicate.

How Kings Communicate

Kings speak of achieving at the highest level and also to have strong characters. Kings can be all ages, male and female, and what they have in common is their strength of character and ability to cope with pressure.

Click here to See How Kings Communicate.

How Queens Communicate

Queens show up in your reading when you can really trust in the path you are taking. When they stop showing up, you might have issues with trust in a relationship, and/or with the path, you have taken. Maybe you feel you are in the wrong job, or wrong relationship?

How Knights Communicate

Knights show up in your reading when doors are opening in your life and there will be unexpected twists and turns. The question is, are you ready for these doors to open.

Click here to See How Knights Communicate.

How Pages Communicate

Pages represent the people in your life, young or old, male or female, who get you. These are the people you will have the strongest connection to and most likely have the biggest laughs with and the most interesting conversations. Pages represent enthusiasm.

Click here to See How Pages Communicate.

How Pentacles Communicate

Pentacles are about your security, your money, and your routine. Many pentacles in a layout often mean that the Seeker’s routine is really supporting them. If there is a lack of pentacles in a layout it can mean the seeker is not creating security through their day to day routine.

Click here to see How Pentacles Communicate.

How Cups Communicate

Cups are about your well-being and how deeply you allow yourself to ‘sink’ deeply into the flow of your life and thoroughly enjoy your life. When there is a lack of cups, the Seeker could find it hard to relax. Maybe the Seeker feels he/she has to always be on the go and prove themselves. When there is plenty of cups, it often means the Seeker is very emotionally connected to their life.

Click here to See How Cups Communicate. 

How Wands Communicate

Wands speak of our Energy, our Passions, and what makes us tick. When there are a lot of Wands in a reading, the Seeker is using a lot of energy. They are most likely very inspired and passionate. A lack of Wands speaks of a lack of energy in the seeker’s life. It can be the Seeker’s health is suffering, and/or people are taking advantage of them (feeding off them), and/or they have not yet found their true passion.

Click here to See How Wands Communicate.

How Swords Communicate

Swords speak of our thoughts, beliefs, mental processes, interests, and words. When there is plenty of swords, there is plenty of mental stimulations in the Seeker’s life. There are lots to think about and work out. When there is a lack of Swords, the Seeker might not be intellectually stimulated in their day to day life.

Click here to See How Swords Communicate.

Celtic Cross Master Class.

Let’s take it one step further. Learn the hidden secrets of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

Click here to Get the Celtic Cross Master Class. 

Take the Arrows to the next level.

In the next videos, you will see how you can be very creative and intuitive with the Arrows technique.

Manifest with Tarot ~ Play ‘The Road’ Tarot Game

This tarot game was designed to help people manifest by witnessing their dreams come true.

Click here to play the Road Tarot Game. 

Further your Tarot Education

Click here to get the Master Tarot Card Meanings Playlist. 

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