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Tarot and Numerology

How Numerology operates in your Tarot Reading 1: Sun. Success. Winning. Becoming number 1. 2. Moon. Emotions. Relationships. Love. 3. Jupiter. Progress. Luck. Communication. Intelligence. 4. Uranus. Lessons learned. Teacher. Security. Commitment. Family. 5. Mercury. Life in the fast lane. Travel. Freedom. Discipline. 6. Venus. Love. Domestic Harmony. Beauty. Parenting. 7. Neptune. [...]

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Tarot And Numerology

Learn how Numerology influence your tarot reading To understand THE ARROWS TAROT TECHNIQUE, you must first understand how Numerology plays a part in Tarot. The numbers create groups that from certain Arrows with other Tarot groups. Understanding how the numbers interact with the other tarot groups will decipher all tarot combinations. Advanced [...]

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