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Below is the Full Playlist of Master Tarot Card Meanings

Understanding Tarot Card Meanings together with the Arrows technique give you the best possible chance (in my humble opinion =}) to read the tarot cards like a total PRO! Below is the playlist to all the tarot card meanings videos.

Tarot Card Meanings Intro

Connect to the Creator of All to do a reading.

Connecting to the Creator before a reading means you connect to pure love energy. The video below is a meditation that will take you through the Planes of existence and connect with the Loving Energy of All that is, Creator of All. This is the energy that moves in all things.

Understand the Tarot Court Cards

The court cards often confuse people when they read tarot. Do the court cards mean people or situations?

Click here to learn what the Court Cards Mean in Your Tarot Readings. 

Additional Court Card Training (Court Cards Mini-Course).

How to Determine Yes/No in the Tarot

Sometimes, the questions you are asking are of yes/no character. In this unit, you will learn how you can determine a yes or a no in the tarot.

Click on text to learn yes/no answers in tarot.

How to Time Events with the Tarot

There are a few ways you can time events with tarot.

Click on text to learn how you can determine timing of events with the tarot. 

Celtic Cross Master Class

There are many hidden Gems in this famous spread. I will teach you how you can crack open this spread and get as many answers for yourself as possible.

Click here to learn the Secret of the Celtic Cross. 

Master Tarot Card Combinations.

This is the beginning of learning the Arrows technique. Get the full Arrows playlist here. 

Click here to learn how Tarot cards communicate. 

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